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Garni-Appartments HELVETIA

Garni-Appartments HELVETIA

Treat yourself to a time out!

Find your inner balance with Shaolin-QiGong The offer is valid from Saturday 5 september to Saturday 26 October 2020

The Qi-Gong-Offer is valid for
7 or 5 overnight-stays for a special price for
two persons in one of our deluxe-apartments
7 nights - arrival Saturday – departure Saturday = 815,00 €
(additional person in apartment: 270,00 €
5 nights - arrival Saturday – departure Tuesday = 600,00 €
(additional person in apartment: 225,00 €)

+ local tax € 1,80/person/day

Qigong is a Chinese system of meditation, concentration and movement for the cultivation of body and soul.
Qigong practice involves breathing exercises, physical exercise, meditation and training of movement and concentration.
Modern Qigong adheres strictly to the original Shaolin monks’ practice as illustrated in ancient diagrams and scripture.

The offer includes:

• 7 or 5 overnights for 2 persons in one of our luxury nature wood apartments
Enjoy pristine nature in one of our luxury wooden apartments with exceptional comfort, highest quality and wellbeing in harmony with nature!
• Furthermore we offer reduced prices for meals at our partners’ restaurants, reduced entrance tickets to the indoor swimming pool and sauna „Acquafun“ in Innichen.
• Iridodiagnosis
The therapisti match his observations to your iris charts. This is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health.
• With breathing and physical exercises we find the inner balance
We practice from Sunday to Friday every morning different exercises as stretching and elbow&knee exercises and practice one of the most ancient types of Shaolin-Qi Gong: Ba Duan Jin
These easy-to-learn exercises help improve your agility; tendons and ligaments become more flexible and elastic and the skeleton, muscular system and backbone are strengthened; lung capacity is increased and oxygen intake improved; posture becomes more intentional and upright, mindfulness and perception are sharpened; circulation is boosted and the soul is calmed.
One ticket for free to explore the Region of the Three Peaks!
• 1 Wellness Massage
Treat yourself to an indulgent massage and enjoy total relaxation in a calm atmosphere.
• Friday: (7-day offer)Qi Gong on the mountain: Hike to the Alpine Cottage on Friday
We will hike to the nearby alpine cottage (2.5 hrs) and after qi gong exercises we treat ourselves to local delicacies as a pleasant end to the week.