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Garni-Appartments HELVETIA

Garni-Appartments HELVETIA

„Helvetia“ History

The story of "Garni-Apartments Helvetia"

 The founders of our establishment were my grandparents, Frieda Kaneider (1911) and Peter Schwingshackl (1910).  

Their 16 year old son and my father Gotthard had to leave his home country after the Second World War in order to earn for his living. He found his new home in Switzerland – the Confoederatio Helvetica – staying there for another 16 years.  

He had been working hard and any time he earned some money he decided to invest all his money in his dream, the establishment of a cosy guesthouse, the Pension Helvetia. The name should remind him to the country which allowed him to live his dream.  

The warm hospitality of our grandparents Frieda and Peter was one of the main ingredients for their success; in fact, their guests felt like coming home and therefore became regular guests.  

When my father Gotthard came back from his working experience in Switzerland he met my mother Erika who grew up in the hotel and restaurant industry at the lake of Toblach. Her working experience in this field was essential for their success.  

My parents had been working for 36 years, they put a lot of effort and a huge portion of passion and joy into their work.  

During those years everything had been done to improve, expand and refurbish the „Helvetia“ as we call our establishment.   

In 1973 another branch was added.  

In 1984 the main building had been expanded and in 1995 another branch had been built.  

In 2001 the management of the guesthouse was taken over by me, Sabrina Kaneider.  

In 2009 – for our 50th anniversary – I decided to transform the „Pension Helvetia” into Garni Helvetia and into the Apartments „Helvetia“.